What are NetWeavers?

NetWeavers are genuine believers in the ‘Law of Reciprocity’.   NetWeavers help others FIRST. . .without concern for how they will benefit, but with the confidence to know that somewhere down the road, ‘what goes around’, does come back around’.

But NetWeaving isn’t just some touchy-feely philosophy.  NetWeaving represents a specific set of skills which focus on ‘connecting’ people and supplying them with ‘resources’ which they or others in their Trusted Resource Network are willing to provide – all with ‘no-strings-attached’.

Then NetWeaving adds the 'secret sauce'.  When the NetWeaver ‘hosts’ a meeting to introduce two persons to each other with their Needs, Problems, or Opportunities in mind rather than his/her own, at some point during the meeting, one or both of the ‘hostees’ usually turn the tables on their host and insist on finding a way to return the favor.  But instead of suggesting something more self-serving, a true NetWeaver simply asks each of them to ‘pay it forward’ and to agree to host a meeting for two others.

So how does the “NetWeaver” benefit? 

After learning about NetWeaving, many of the most successful people in the world - across all industries – say,  “I’ve been doing this my whole life.  I just never had a word for it”.   Successful people make a habit of doing what less successful people never understand. To slightly alter a Zig Ziglar quote, "The more you help people get what THEY want, the more they will help you get what YOU want."

And so if you are already a skilled NetWeaver, you will find this site vauable for learning ways to get even better.  And if you like what NetWeaving is all about but feel you have a lot to learn, you will hopefully be back time and time again.


heart21.gifThe Heart and Art of NetWeaving" – explains the "win- win-win-win" nature of NetWeaving and how spreading the word elevates the image and prestige of the person doing so and how it energizes the NetWeaver as well as the organization to which he or she introduces the concept.


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